Monthly Archives: April 2009

I Am Missing…


I’m missing my former student named Roreta Bunga Pininta Burugirsang
a.k.a Pinta.
I miss her fussiness.
I miss her cleverness
I miss her ‘I-am-wiser-than-you-all-guys’ style
I miss her stubbornness
I miss her messy hair

I’m missing my other former student named Qiara Annabelle Arif
a.k.a Qiara
I miss her silence while sitting at the back and drawing something
I miss her smile when she found out her (rare, almost never) mistakes
I miss her wise-before-time attitude
I miss the way she threw a race over her spoiled friends
I miss her neat hair

I am missing you all little girls.
Where are you now?
How old are you now? 7 or 8?
be good out there gals..
Ms. Retno loves you 🙂