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Nyengir dulu… (^_^)


Pernahkah kau merasa…ingin tertawa terbahak2 while rolling on the floor, but.. you CAN’T. Just simply because you are a teacher and you must be ‘jaim’ in front of students.
well, laughter must not be held back! Just share it as soon as you can. Hehehehe..

These are some situations that can make you go…hmm.. i dont know, maybe smiling, maybe laughing, maybe giggling, shaking your head, feeling de ja vu *been there, done that*, or maybe getting your forehead wrinkles *cannot find the suitable English word for “mengernyitkan dahi” hehe*
Anyway, just want to share these situations found in our teaching moments.
Happy reading!

Situation 1 (Boen’s Class. EC 4)
Teacher: “Spell CUCUMBER”
Student: *written as prounounced* “Si…Yu…Si…Yu..Em..Bi..I..Ar..”
Teacher: “Say it”
Student: “SUSUMBER!”

Situation 2 (my class. EC 2)
A 6 years old student of an English course was crying in her first day of course and looking for her mom.
Student: *crying almost histerically, barely speaking* “”
Mother: “kenapa sayang, kenapa kok nangis?”
Student: “Gurunya ngomong bahasa Inggris terus…”

Situation 3 (my class. proctoring ET 3)
On a promotion test day, oral test session.
Teacher: “Who is your favorite soccer player?”
Student: “Christiano Ronaldo”
Teacher: “Do you think he’s handsome?”
Student: “Than me?? yeah, of course lah!” *rolling his eyes*

Situation 4 (my senior’s true experience. he’s the student. lol)
On a test day. written. in Bahasa.
Instruction on paper: “Sebutkan macam-macam musim di dunia.”
Student *just got back from staying abroad since childhood*: “Macam Kumbang, Macam Sumatra, Macam India…”

Situation 5
Class session. Last 2 terms. (Boen’s class. ET 2)
Student 1: *speaking in Bahasa* “eh eh, bahasa Inggrisnya ganteng apaan?”
Student 2: “Husband”
Student 1: *confused* “lah, terus bahasa Inggrisnya suami apaan?”
Student 2: “Ya ‘Handsome’ laaah!” *100% sure*
Teacher: —-no comment—-

Situation 6 (my class. ET 4)
Teacher: “Class, your friend is not coming today. He has chicken pox.”
Students: *start mumbling. panic*
Teacher: *confused* “By the way, do you guys know the meaning of ‘Chicken Pox’?”
One of Students: “Yes, miss. It’s flu burung.”

Situation 7 (Boen’s class. EC 4)
In an English for Children class *elementary school. level 4*
Student: *speaking in Bahasa* “Miss, kalo dinosaurnya bertulang, kan kita nyebutnya ‘bony’ kan?”
Teacher: “Yes, why is it?”
Student: “Berarti kalau bertanduk, dinosaurnya jadi ‘Horny’ dong Miss?”
Teacher: *($_$) —> left the class immediately and ran to the teacher’s room*

Situation 8
Adapted from an email joke.
Teacher: *giving an example* “‘I killed a man’. Convert to future tense!”
Student: “The future tense is: ‘You are going to jail'”

P.S: you are welcome to add some more funny stories based on your experience *or others’ experience.hehe*

….gurunya yang mana hayo..?