Hello world! Welcome to Oceaneo.


What is Oceaneo?

Well, that is my blog. I’m a total newbie in this stuff, so I gotta ask here and there to my fellas who’s already been juggling around in this blogging thingy. It’s been a long time since I’ve decided to have a blog as a media to write my story. I know, i know, it’s gonna be like an electrical diary and slightly ‘eeniemeenie’ for some people. But, anyway, i dont charge people to read my blog, and I dont threat them for not doing so 🙂

What’s with the name?
Ada beberapa faktor yang bikin saya lama nulis blog ini, pertama: gak ngerti gimana bikinnya. kedua: malas nulis. ketiga (the hardest one): gak tau mau di kasih nama apa. Sampai akhirnya di suatu meeting mingguan di kantor (hopefully my boss dont see this) saya berhasil figure out one name that much represent myself: O.c.e.a.n.e.o.

Neo is my nickname. And I love ocean. so much. I’m crazy about it. *semisal ocean adalah seorang cowok, then I would marry this guy :D* Like a horizon. Ocean is deep. Ocean is wide. Ocean is free. Ocean is borderless. Ocean is relaxing.

And so I hope the writings here are deep, wide, free, borderless, yet relaxing.

Happy reading 🙂


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