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They said that brain will keep good memories without us asking it to do so, and automatically erase bad memories from our mind, especially the ones that traumatized us. but how come my brain works the other way around? It keeps bad memories tangle on my mind, and auto-deletes the good ones?


And If… i dont know what to write…


A friend of mine once said this:

Put it this way, anxiety is divided into 3. Its about the past that you regret, about presence that you can’t get something you really want, and worry about the future that may harm you. And the cure is, let alone the past as they will never come back, let alone the future cause is such wasting time since the knowledge of future is only in Allah, and about presence you do your best.. Anxiety will lead to stress and depression, and remembering Allah as much as we can will cure.. QS Ar raadu:28

The anxiety will erase your sins and lift you in front of Allah as long as you don’t complain and open your heart to accept it as it is God’s will.

Well, since I dont know what to write *but in need of writing, as distraction* so i just thought to copy-paste it here. It’s a nice note, though. Heart-warming 🙂

Thank you, fella …

My brother’s room. January 27th 2011. 11.54 pm.