Olala bebe..
How’s your day?
Mine was all about audit.
Nothing much more.

And ooww.. We had hail this late afternoon.
We watched it from the teachers’ room window.
Aye aye.. The rain was enormous.

Back home. Had my studying session with halid.
It’s PKn. We read about how Indonesia got its first national movements.
And we err.. I mean I just knew that the name Indonesia came after a Dutch scientist explained that Indonesia means islands in hindia ocean.

So many things to read,
So much a great time for the electricity to go out.
Left me frustrated. Thinking about how my baby could ever finish his reading.
Anyway, he went to sleep.

Okay then. Let’s call it a day.
Shall we?

Alhamdulillah 🙂
Nite nite.


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